Part 9: Play With Others in a Pattern!

I loved making music by myself, but whenever I had a chance to play with others, something special happened. With the Pattern Method, I found it easy to ask someone to sit next to me on the piano and for the two of us to play together. All we had to do was stay in the same L-pattern. 

Improv With Michelle

Inspire Yourself

Now that you’ve seen how the method works, try experimenting with it yourself. You’ll likely find that you enjoy finding notes that sound good within the patterns. If you’d like to play a virtual duet, pick one of these improvisations and play along!

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  1. Introduction to the Pattern Method
  2. The DLGPM Chart: L-Pattern Basics
  3. Example: The Cameraman
  4. Piano Basics: “Floors,” Keys and Families of Notes
  5. Examples of Patterns on the Piano
  6. Improvisation Examples: Blend Creation With Practice
  7. Improv Technique: Anchor and Dance Hands
  8. Two-Handed Improvisations on Every Floor
  9. Play With Others In A Pattern! <—
  10. Using the Pattern Method with a Classical Song: Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie
  11. Play with Someone on a Different Instrument
  12. Pattern Method Transitions
  13. Using the Pattern Method with a Classical Song: Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Beethoven
  14. Ideas
  15. Closing

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