Part 6: Improvisation Examples (Blend Creation with Practice!)

I’ve always been more interested in playing my own music as opposed to playing music written by other people. That’s not to say I don’t like knowing some works by Beethoven and Alicia Keys, but I never wanted to only know music composed by others. Thanks to the Pattern Method, I can compose and improvise freely: I just have to pick a pattern and stay in it. Here are some simple one-handed improvisations for you to play along with.

Improv in D

Improv in B

Improv in E

Improv in Ab

Improv in B

Faster Improv in D (On Every Floor)

Click here to view these improv videos without audio commentary.

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  1. Introduction to the Pattern Method
  2. The DLGPM Chart: L-Pattern Basics
  3. Example: The Cameraman
  4. Piano Basics: “Floors,” Keys and Families of Notes
  5. Examples of Patterns on the Piano
  6. Improvisation Examples: Blend Creation With Practice <—
  7. Improv Technique: Anchor and Dance Hands
  8. Two-Handed Improvisations on Every Floor
  9. Play With Others In A Pattern!
  10. Using the Pattern Method with a Classical Song: Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie
  11. Play with Someone on a Different Instrument
  12. Pattern Method Transitions
  13. Using the Pattern Method with a Classical Song: Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Beethoven
  14. Ideas
  15. Closing

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