The Method

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking for ways to expand your music-making and improvisation skills, the Daniel L. Garner Pattern Method is for you! The method can help you master any type of keys: piano, keyboard, accordion and keys-based controllers for beatmaking and electronic music.


Why this method is different:

  1. Doesn’t conflate music theory or reading music with making music.
  2. Uses patterns and shapes instead of numbers and notations.
  3. Helps you sound good while you learn, not just after you learn.
  4. Makes music lessons optional.
  5. Enables you to play music with ease and without end.

For beginners, this tool will:

  • Erase the fear of failure: it will be like bowling alley bumpers are up on the piano.
  • Help you see patterns on a keyboard instead of chaos.
  • Provide you with bearings to know where to start.
  • Free you to just play.

For those with more experience:

  • Improve your improvisation skills.
  • Enable to transition between keys instantly.
  • Inspire you with new musical possibilities!
  • The DLGPM eBook provides an overview for those who learn by reading, and our video + eBook together provide the most comprehensive learning experience.