DLGPM Video Series Only




Packed with visual and practical examples, this series of 50 short videos will guide you through the Daniel L. Garner Pattern Method. You’ll learn and be entertained by the creator of the method, Daniel Garner, with a few guest appearances and lots of extremely useful practical videos. You’ll want to refer back to the series throughout your musical journey, whether you’re a beginner, lapsed pianist or professional musician.

If you’ve already experimented with the Daniel L. Garner Pattern Method from the eBook, this video series is for you. If not, we recommend ordering the eBook and video series together to get the most out of your experience.

You can proceed through the series at your own pace with an easy-to-use, topical layout, whether you’re a beginner or looking for ways to expand your music-making and improvisation skills. Topics include:

  • The Story Behind the Method
  • Basics of the Pattern Method
  • Piano layout and key basics
  • Examples of the Pattern Method
  • Improvisation with the method
  • Playing with other instruments
  • How to blend creation with practice
  • How to modulate and transition with the method
  • Examples of using the method with songs you hear
  • Ideas to get the most out of the method
  • Encouragement to continue your musical journey!

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